troma thursday II!
posted on Thursday, Aug. 16, 2007 @ 11:44

"emma blowgun's last stand," beulah

ok, ranting aside...

last week's troma was abandoned due to exhaustion, but tonight! redneck zombies! "A barrel of radioactive waste is lost out in the woods. Some demented rednecks find it and use it as part of their still. Everybody who drinks from the liquor they produced turns into a zombie."

plot keywords:

john may even be subjecting himself to this one. vive le drafthouse!

in related news, i think this picture of john captures him rather well.

in unrelated news, my family will be here tomorrow night! eeeee! and we're seeing harry potter in [debatable] 3-D at the imax! mom really wants to go to whole foods downtown, and doug's been making fun of her for wanting to visit a grocery store. forget him, he can hang out at the ice house and drink beer while we have a cultural experience. or so i've heard. we also get to go back to the oakwood cemetery. she hasn't told doug about that, though. jokes about grandma are soon to abound. ;)

<3, chels

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