melanoma is imminent
July 25, 2004 1:41 am

while you were out

ready for something truly horrifying?

i went swimming today for a couple hours.

was it that long? i'm not sure. in any case, despite the gobs of sunblock i put on, my cheek bones just under my eyes are red, as are my shoulders. damnable cancerous sun. oh, and a tiny little triangle at my hairline that extends about half an inch. it's hilarious. i guess i missed that tiny bit when i was putting on sun block.

i slid down the slide twice and jumped of the diving board. i swam to the bottom of the pool around, oh, seven feet, to retrieve these rings. that's a big deal, though, considering how petrified of water i am. for some reason i can't breathe correctly when i'm in it. i was just floating on my back, and i was breathing so shallow. it's my body's way of saying dear god, you cannot breathe underwater. why are you in a massive hole filled with water?!

i got an email from layla in iran. yay she's still alive. (: she doesn't sound too happy, though, but i don't think any of us thought it'd be a fantabulous getaway or anything.

i got my nine inch nails sticker for evie, and it's the same that was on chiquita (the car i got this time of year five years ago). the one on chiquita was black, but this one's blue. i think that will add some needed color to a grey car. the middle-aged guy working is the same who's been working since i started going there in middle school. once in high school i asked him for a job, but he wasn't hiring. he complimented my hair. ^_^

i also went by the mall to get doug's birthday present (calvin klein "obsession" shaving balm). i got to drive mom's suv, which is also a kia with a sunroof. i can't believe i'm getting a sunroof! they're so great. "for your smoking pleasure," cole said.

tonight i went through an old english dictionary online and discovered then owen would be my ænlic hæftincel. :grin:

"i've been waiting so long to be where i'm going, in the sunshine of your love."
<3, chels

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